The Next Generation of Soil Health

OMRI organic use certified, HUMICHAR ® is a 50/50 mix of humic acid and HIGH quality biochar. The biochar used is created via pyrolysis at temps between 500 & 600 degrees. The perfect temp for biochar production. The biochar used is at least 70% pure carbon.

What does it do?

In SIMPLE terms, HUMICHAR ® helps you soil HOLD onto everything that is good.  Soil microbes, water and nutrients. It also helps you roots perform better (via fulvic acid) and absorb nutrients.  After 2 years of using HUMICHAR ® your fertilizing requirements can drop as much as 50%. 

Improve your soil health, lawn health, plant health, and REDUCE THE USE OF FERTILIZERS.  HUMICHAR®  is a mix of Humic Acid and BioChar which is then pelletized into DG granules for easy and clean distribution.  Humichar ™ should be used on ALL lawn and turf types as well in ALL garden soils. And yes it is OMRI listed as ORGANIC.

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HUMICHAR ® can be used in ANY soil but is specifically designed for TOP APPLYING on lawns. Normal biochars can NOT enter the soil quickly due to their size and remain on TOP for months and even years. HUMICHAR ®  is ground EXTREMELY fine allowing quicker movement to the ROOT ZONE which is where biochar does most of it’s work. (SEE Size Does Matter PHOTO BELOW)

HUMICHAR ® is the ONLY brand of biochar that can be applied with a lawn spreader and within minutes can reach the surface of the soil.


It is the ONLY brand of biochar recommended for golf greens and fairways, as it does not impact play. Unlike other biochar products it will disappear within minutes of watering. 


Why it’s the BEST BIOCHAR for Lawns

When compared to other dry BIOCHARS (not biochar fertilizer blends) It’s the ONLY product on the market that can be EVENLY spread and 100% of the particles reach the soil level of your lawn within minutes.  Biochar needs to be put down at a fairly heavy rate on lawns. Liquid products containing biochar simply do not offer enough actual biochar.

Yes it is Organic Listed / Approved

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HUMICHAR™ has been approved as organic and is now listed as an OMRI® listed product for organic gardening and crop production.

It’s Proven Science

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humichar organic soil treatment

For the past 20+ years the turf and agricultural industries, researchers, and universities  have been studying the use of both HUMIC ACIDS and BIOCHAR additives for soil improvement, plant health, and increased production.  Both are naturally occurring, organic substances and their benefits to the soil are truly amazing.   There are two MAIN BENEFITS that lawn owners and gardeners should take away from all this research.

These natural substances increase the fertility and nutrient holding / processing ability of your soil, while adding carbon and increasing microbial activity.  Next, they allow you to use LESS fertilizer with the same results and increased plant / turf health. Better for your lawn, your pocket, and the environment.

HumiChar ™ Blends the Two

Humics and BioChars both have varying, positive attributes and benefits.  So the decision about which to use was often confusing. Not any more. HumiChar™ is a 50% humic and 50% biochar blend that offers every grower and turf manager the best of both worlds. 

HUMICHAR Technology … Solving The Past Problems

Because of the structure both Humics and BioChars they are dirty to handle and apply products.  Let’s face it, you’re adding a lot of charcoal and carbon to your lawn and garden and it comes with a small price.  Dirty hands and feet. However, HUMICHAR DG has solved that problem.  With Patented DG particles the application process is simple, easy, and clean. Just like putting out a granular fertilizer.

While Humics and Bio-Chars do not permanently cause staining, it’s simply an inconvenience for homeowners with pets, children, and tracking in black residue to homes.  Most biochar and humic products are messy and very hard to apply trough traditional methods like spreaders.

Size Matters on Lawns


DG (Dispursable Granule) Tech

The Patented DG Particles almost instantly disintegrate, within minutes of water contact, and release all the product directly to the soil after working down to the thatch layer. (In lawns and turf.)

The DG particles have completely changed the way homeowners, turf managers, and gardeners feel about these products.  What once was mess to apply, is now efficiently delivered in a clean method.




Below is the first ever sample production bag of HUMICHAR™

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