Understand This First…

Neither humic acid or biochar contain nutrients and they can not cause harm to your lawn from over application like a fertilizer. Again… they contain NO NUTRIENTS. So feel free to apply them ANY TIME… in ANY AMOUNT…. and as OFTEN as you want.

Lawns and Turf

Apply HumiChar™ anytime during the growing season to lawns. Since the product can NOT cause burning damage you can apply very heavy if desired. The general rate of application is 10 pounds per 1000 square feet of turf / lawn.  Feel free to apply often during the season as biochar is a long BUILD UP process.  The rate can be reduced in subsequent years as the biochar will remain in the soil for 100s of years.

Gardens and Landscaping Beds

It’s best, most effective, to keep HumiChar™ focused in the general root zones and plant growth area.  Apply around the plants or work into the soil. Our testing was done with roughly 1/2 cup of material per plant base area.  Learn how to ACTIVATE the biochar in the upcoming video.