Biochar and HUMICHAR™ results can be seen in different forms and lengths of time. Remember, when using HUMICHAR™ in TILLED soils the results can be seen very quickly. This is because we are working the humic acid and biochar down to the root zone from day one.  However, when applying from top down, like on a lawn, the results take longer.  If you are laying NEW SOD, you should definitely till in HUMICHAR™ prior to laying.  

When TOP applying HUMICHAR™ it takes longer for changes in the soil to appear. Our testing shows that when top applying HUMICHAR to lawns or soils it simply takes TIME for the product to work down.  We estimate that 1/2″ to 1.5″ per season will start the conversion process.

humichar testing results

humichar soil results

Some great biochar testing result videos. Shows the deep application in gardens and soils.