Activating and Charging BIOCHAR / HUMICHAR™

Why do you need to activate or pre-charge biochar? 

Activating biochar really only applies to biochar which is applied SUB-SURFACE and not really important on lawns. Doc will explain in an upcoming video. 

Remember, biochar is kind of a GOOD THINGS magnet. It will take in nutrients, good fungi, good bacteria, and good microbes. So if mixed in (usually tilled in) with soil it will often PULL those items from the soil. That is why often using bare biochar in agriculture often has a LAG of one year. (The second year showing greatly improved results and crops) 

By charging or activating the biochar before it’s added there is no DRAW effect and it becomes a PLUS rather than a MINUS. Making all the above GOOD THINGS available to the plants.

Watch the video coming soon below to learn how to activate and charge.